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Scanning Services - Advanced Document Scanning Services

Scanning services are used to process paper documents in to digital images and then they are stored in DVD or other magnetic storage. It reduces storage space that is required for keeping paper copies. Indirectly they have reduced the headache of photocopy, fax, and mail transport.

Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. employ a variety of document imaging techniques and equipment to provide you with quality images from the smallest receipts to large blueprints and maps. We try to provide the Best Scanning services that enable an organization to successfully result in increased productivity and profits.

Our Scanning Services Include:

  • Document Scanning Services
  • Photo Scanning Services
  • Image Scanning Services
  • Digital Scanning Services
  • Negative Scanning Services
  • Microfiche Scanning Services
  • Film Scanning Services
We are well equipped to handle all of your document scanning requirements and document scanning needs onsite according to your facility.

We utilize our advanced technologies to provide the highest quality of enabling the accurate retrieval of each secure file. Taking these services from Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will give your business a time and money advantage over competitors who do not take up such services.

In these years Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has tailored its services to meet the requirements of each project. Our professionals have gained major experiences by working closely with manufacturers, industrialists or service providers across the world.

Specialties of Scanning Services from Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are:
  • We provide bulk document scanning, high volume data capture, OCR and PDF conversion to capture any form of information to electronic format.
  • The management, staff and processes to provide scalable, high quality conversion services on a fixed unit price basis.
  • We have complete scanning services - color, Black and White, Large Format, Blueprints, Microfiche and Microfilm.
  • Documents can be converted into a variety of formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP etc. They can also be made internet-ready using formats like XML.
  • We fully administer our sites for backup, software and hardware upgrades, security monitoring, etc.
Therefore whether your firm needs to create operational efficiencies with cost saving then Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the right place that recognizes the value of these scanning services and offers outsourcing these services to the companies to control their information and documents.

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