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Medical Data Entry

The data entry of medical data is a very important process that demands precision and accuracy. The medical data entry, India unit of Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has proved time and again that we possess the skills and patience that is required for successfully completing the data entry of medical data. Outsourcing medical data entry projects to the Medical data entry, India unit assures you of accurate and fast results.

Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a dedicated and qualified team to get your entire data entry of medical data in very less time and in a professional manner. We will get all your data entry of medical data works done in less time and accurately. We offer you solutions for all the types of data entry of medical data. Our services include medical billing, coding, claims and forms.

Medical data entry, India will also do data entry for:

  • Patient Records
  • Hospital Records
  • Clinical and Healthcare Records.
  • All Other Medical Files, Records and Documents etc.
Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will document all your hospital information about patients, doctors, prescriptions, diagnosis and billing for later use. We will record all your data in the order and format that is useful and comfortable for you. Before committing to you we will study about all your requirements and finalize a format as per your specifications and approvals.

Our qualified experts will collect all your data pertaining to your medical documents and submit a format for your approval. We will systematically update all your medical documents and complete the data entry of medical data.

Advantages of Medical Data Entry by Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:
  • Accommodating and precise customized medical data entry service
  • Adherence to your local laws and medical guidelines
  • Data entry with correct medical terminology
  • Adherence to the formats and instructions approved by you
  • Follow ups on missing or illegible data before finalizing
  • Final products are verified and checked by qualified experts
  • Access to latest technology and aides
  • Fast and accurate submissions
We at Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will give you detailed report of the status of your project. We strive to provide you services with strict confidentiality. We will return your raw data along with your completed projects, so that you may verify our work if needed.

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