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Rebate Processing

Rebate processing services are an essential part in promoting a product or business to solve all the problems relating to rebate processing and rebate entry. It is a strategy policy to attach products such as computers, audio systems or cameras to attract more customers. One can bank on these services and outsource many of their tasks related to rebating process.

We at Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are specialized in this task and therefore we provide a top notch quality in rebate program solutions. It can be used in sales and marketing departments to support constant investment in advanced technologies.

At Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. you can get following services through rebate processing:

  • One can get form printing data verification
  • The data can be digitized to provide flexibility for the ever changing business sector
  • Services are provided for tax rebate check processing
  • Validations of claims are checked for errors or duplications
  • Direct rebate mail marketing
  • With high tech technologies one can capture and process rebate orders
  • We even provide online and offline data entry
Because of working closely with many manufacturers, distributors and many industries our platform operate this work by using a secure and reliable communication system. This saves a lot of time, energy and money in these processing tasks.

The professionals who work at Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are very well trained and ensure that they work closely in rebate processing services with the clients help in planning the project. We handle complete end to end processing of customer claims with evaluating rebate applications and approve these applications in timely, efficient and consistent manner. Our strength is data processing and data management to provide a secure solution with operational costs, and user friendly rebate process.

Advantages of Our Rebate Processing Services:
  • Competitive pricing according to the market
  • Reliable high data security
  • Services handled with advanced technology
  • Quick turnaround processing time
  • Experienced and reliable staff at your service
Thus with our excellent results to increase the efficiency by use of a consultative approach we try to satisfy our clients need and help them to invest in other core business operations.

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