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Scanning and Indexing Services, Document Scanning Services

Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a one of the most valuable scanning and indexing company providing document scanning services and document indexing services with highest level of data and document security. We are expert at speedier, secure and cost effective document scanning and indexing solutions.

With over years of experience on scanning and indexing services and serving a wide clientele across the world, covering a wide industry base, and fulfilling a broad range of data scanning and indexing requirements, voluminous or complex, tedious or time-critical, we have enhanced both our capacities and resources for scanning and indexing services.

We manage bulk volume scanning and indexing projects with maximum efficiency. The skills of our document scanning specialists combined with our technology of scanning and indexing strengths allow us to achieve greater project success. Speedier delivery and more than 99.8% accuracy characterise our documents scanning solutions.

The data scanning and indexing services we provide include:

  • Document Scanning and Indexing
  • Wide Format Scanning and Indexing
  • Microfiche Scanning and Indexing
  • Microfilm Scanning and Indxing
  • Aperture Card Scanning
  • Image Processing
  • Paper Scanning and Indexing
  • Photo Scanning
  • Film Scanning and Indexing
  • Medical Record Scanning and Indexing
  • Book Scanning and Indexing
Trustworthy and quality document scanning and indexing - that is what distinguishes our company. Superior quality is ensured through various methods - quality control, quality audit and quality review. We deliver as desired, increasing flexibility in the document scanning and conversion process.

We manage a variety of documents for scanning and indexing:
  • Applications
  • Agreements
  • Address lists
  • Business Cards
  • Bills and Invoices
  • Cheques (Checks)
  • Forms
  • Images and Drawings
  • Photos and Graphics
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Records and Other Documents
  • Purchase Orders
  • Resumes
  • Surveys
  • Student Records
  • Tax forms
At our production centres, we can dedicate scanning and indexing specialist's team exclusively to manage your long-term or ongoing document scanning needs, allowing you greater flexibility in scanning and indexing services management.

The document scanning and indexing teams are experienced in dealing with various data formats, and are well conversant with different document scanning software and tools. Security of your data and information is guaranteed through the use of effective security tools and techniques as well as organised monitoring and other measures.

Outsource document scanning and indexing to us for a better outsourcing experience. Benefit from better quality data scanning solutions at lesser costs. Be assured of lesser turnarounds and lesser overheads.

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