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We convert all types of physical data into digitized format ready to be used Online

Swift provides title related information services to the Title Insurance and real estate industries in the United States. Thousands of different types of documents are filed daily with the County Clerk’s offices across the country. The Title Insurance companies maintain a database of these documents. Posting of these documents to the Title Company’s database must be done daily so that the latest information is available. It is vital that the legal description of the property involved be accurate. From indexing to retrieval of records, we have offered solutions to various title insurance companies. We also provide title companies with access to their indexed database and to the related imaged documents in order to allow them to render an opinion as to the land title being insured. We help you create electronic title plant from any form of input documents - be it paper, microfilm, microfiche or Lot/Tract book, Aperture cards, or from digital images, etc. We have digitized back plant as well as "go forward" documents with excellent quality and turnaround time. Digitized property records are posted or indexed by double key process to achieve 99.995% character level accuracy. Our Title Plant Posting experts understand region specific title documents. We are well aware that Legal description and local laws may change from county to county. Our training methodology ensures that data entry operators are fully trained to handle these variations.