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CRM Data Mining - Customer Relationship Database Mining Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data mining is a process of gathering database through the customer relationship database and analyzing customer behavior. Based on the analysis, the sales can be improved. CRM data mining services are usually helpful in sales to compete efficiently and outdo the competition.

Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a web based IT solution provider, is in the field of CRM data mining services for the past 16 years. Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. had been providing the most satisfactory services to the customer with the help of CRM data mining India professionals.


  • Descriptive analysis and predictive modeling
  • Segmentation and clustering to analyze a pattern of behavior among a particular group of customers
  • Define the business goal
  • Construct marketing database
  • Analyze database
  • Visualize / explore a model
Based on the CRM, market can be divided into Three:
  • Value Based Segmentation: customer feedback and segmentation based on the current scenario and expected results
  • Behavioral Segmentation: based on customer behavior
  • Value at Risk Generation: based on value and estimated inclination
  • Outreach to the customer will be more
  • Helps to identify and reach the targeted audience
  • Increase your market presence
  • Improved customer interaction
  • Helps in better understanding business to customer relationships and vice versa
  • Identifying the customers who intend to leave
  • Increase the value of the current satisfied customers and building long term relationships with them
Benefits with us:
  • Outsource CRM data mining services reduce operational cost by up to 60%
  • The concept of customer value as the service policy
  • 100% accuracy of the data
  • Confidentiality and dependability of our CRM data mining services
  • CRM data mining India professionals are highly professional with their proactive and transparent approach
  • Attracting new customers
  • Analyze the impact of external market factors like bank interest rates, inflation etc. on the business
Outsource CRM data mining services to Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and we will help you in changing the view from product to customer-oriented. The results help the customer in managing customer relationships. Data mining plays a vital role in every phase of business.

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