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Indexing and Data Classification Services

Because of the data explosion many enterprises are in a fixed position to discover and protect their information. The budgets of a company are overloaded and they struggle to maintain the escalating costs with the level of service expected from their clients.

Therefore these Indexing and classification services from Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provide a safer, quicker method of locating electronic stored information found from their backup tapes. They minimize the risk with reducing the cost at turnaround time. With that these services provide case data quicker and more efficiently. This helps us to provide proper solution as what content you will review.

The methodology is quite abrupt; it includes full text of unconstructed files, emails and databases which allows us to maintain comprehensive search results.

Advantages of connecting with Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for Indexing and classification services are:

  • One can get their service delivery with secure data operations before their allotted time.
  • We can produce large volumes of online data, files and emails with accurate Indexing.
  • We can address online data and maintain an accurate view of historical and current data assets.
  • In fact we also provide an easy-to-use search platform with Internet-type querying capabilities to support any e-discovery initiatives.
Because of a wide experience of this filed from many years our staff is efficient to handle any classification including encrypted or corrupt files. The quality system assures that these services are performed by highly qualified and competent surveyors in conformance with international standards.

The services in Indexing and classification mainly include:
  • Keyword and medical indexing
  • Allowing direct indexing for network data at unmatched speeds and scale
  • Image indexing
  • Structure categorization
  • Metadata creation
  • Data filtering
  • Near - duplication
The given Data may be filtered or culled to make it available for searching with restoring entire contents. We at furbish it with comprehensive index and classification to all relevant files with user security.

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