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Questionnaire Data Entry

Any cause which is of social importance needs to be approached in a superlative way to know the consequences of it in the society and the result of this on the society. To achieve this, one needs to know the mind and soul of the society. We would have come across many questionnaires or surveys where we wondered from where the questions are formed. The answer is the success of the questionnaire data entry operator who worked on this.

Well, you get the state of the art talented questionnaire data entry India professionals at Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. We have the most experienced questionnaire data entry India professionals who are experts in survey / questionnaire form processing, data extraction, and analysis, and can make sure that the customer gets the most out of their questionnaire projects.


  • Outsource questionnaire data entry from us and our expert team works as an off role staff of the customer.
  • Controlled data entry, correction of questionnaires, comparing of 2 data files, simple analysis and importing and exporting of data are done.
  • Transposition errors, consistency errors, copying errors, and range errors are double checked at every level.
Questionnaires are usually objective types but some questionnaires are subjective and needs responses. Tools like OCR/ICR can be used but it is most difficult with hand-written survey responses and can include many mistakes. Outsource questionnaire data entry requirements to Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and the customer enjoys the below mentioned benefits.
  • Our questionnaire data entry India professionals help the client with the most difficult hand-written data details as it requires great manual efforts.
  • Extracting statistical information from large volume is possible with our experienced and professional questionnaire data entry operators.
  • If the customer insists on any particular format like excel, Access, HTML etc, the reports are given to the customer in the desired format itself
  • 0% compromise on errors
  • Greatly reduced operational cost with saving up to 60%
  • 24/7 working professionals
  • Quality policy with fixed turnaround time for the response and completion of work
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