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Mailing List Services - Online/ Offline Mailing List Services

Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has access to a huge amount of online and offline resources to gather several types of information such as emails, addresses, telephone numbers or any other information to match the criteria specified by you. We create mailing lists for you by mining the data from our various online and offline resources. To complete the process of mailing lists creation, the data is stringently verified and validated to match your specifications by our outsourced mailing lists creation team.

Our outsourced mailing lists creation team consists of experienced and highly trained professionals. With a large team of qualified experts, Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can manage and create mailing lists for you to suit any and all of your requirements like product promotion, publishing, market research etc. For all your mailing lists creation needs, we offer you prompt results at a competitive price.

Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the advantage of latest technology that enables us to offer you high quality solutions at a lower price. The data mining and validation method used by our team to create your mailing lists is an advanced database management solution. Our team will create the mailing lists for you by including all the significant data about the client. The mailing lists created by us for you will be a valid database of prospective clients for your business.

Benefits of Mailing Lists creation by Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

  • Personalized solutions that is flexible and unique
  • Lots of formats to choose from for creating an effective mailing list
  • Customized packages that allows you to choose more or less data as per your project requirement
  • Highly competitive pricing and swift service
  • Well trained and qualified team to research and gather information
  • The mailing lists are verified for accuracy before presenting to you
  • The security and secrecy of your data is very important to us
  • All the mailing lists are unique and strictly as per your specifications
Our Mailing List Services are used for Following:
  • Business Mailing List
  • Mortgage Mailing List
  • Telemarketing Mailing list
  • Consumer Mailing List
  • Direct Marketing Mailing List
  • Other Custom Mailing List Creation and Maintenance
Mailing lists created by Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will be accurate and up to date. We will customize your mailing lists for each project by studying your specific requirements and accumulating only relevant data. Our data miners are specially trained in quality control procedures to ensure the validity and relevance of the mailing lists created by us.

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