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Insurance Claim Data Entry

Insurance companies have to continually find out new techniques to keep them alive in the field. They upgrade themselves with latest technologies to reach themselves to all circles of customers. In order to cut down expenses and manage vast amount of information and their databases, they look out for a insurance claim data entry services, and Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. turns out to be the best in the industry at present.

Our insurance claim data entry India professionals understand that insurance companies are highly data oriented customers who are in need of specialized insurance claim data entry services. Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. aims at offering complete solution keeping quality, timeliness and accuracy as the policy. The process of outsource insurance claim data entry is just a phone call away.


  • One insurance claim data entry India professionals are completely dedicated to the customer and these professionals becomes the single point of contact for the customer
  • Customer can focus on the main business while Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. takes care of your insurance claim data entry requirements
  • Latest technologies used by Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps in completing high volume data entry without extra manpower
  • Operational costs is reduced by at least 60%
  • Reduction in manual work like filing, data retrieving, storing
  • OCR/ICR technologies used
  • Real time status reporting through internet
  • 24/7 services available
Insurance Claims Data Entry Services Includes:
  • Health Care Financing Administration
  • Uniform Billing Health Insurance Claim Forms
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Forms
  • ADA Claims Forms
  • Disability Claim Forms
  • Dismemberment Claim Forms
  • Medical-Claim Data Entry
  • Mortgage Claim Data Entry
  • Critical Illness Claim Forms
  • Hospitalization Claim Forms
  • Death Claim Forms
Outsource insurance claim data entry to Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and we will provide you with fully trained professionals who capture data accurately from hard/soft copies and enter it in the specific electronic format as per the customer requirement. A database-ready format is available with which the customer can retrieve the claims smoothly.

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