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Offline Data Entry

Offline data entry services are a significant part of our outsourced offline data entry services. We ensure you that our team at offline data entry, India will carry out all your offline data entry tasks as per your specifications and instructions. We ensure you of accurate results within the least turn around time. Our team is very well trained to undertake any kind of offline data entry services and provide high quality results.

The offline data entry services, India unit of Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ensures you of error free and fast result for all your outsourced offline data entry projects. We make use of latest technologies and software aides to accomplish your offline data entry tasks. We have a dedicated team of highly trained staff who can manage any kind of offline data entry services and give you the result as per your specifications.

Our Specialized Offline Data Entry:

  • Offline Data Entry for Books, Catalogs and Labels
  • Offline Data Entry from Handwritten Documents
  • Offline Form Filling
  • Offline Data Capture
  • Offline Data Entry from Scanned Images like jpg, tiff, gif, png, bmp
  • Offline Data Entry into Customized Application
  • Offline Typing, Sorting and Indexing Data in Any Format
  • Offline Database Entry
Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers you a very competitive pricing on our offline data entry services package. We ensure you that no matter what we do not compromise on the quality of the job entrusted to us. Our skilled team keys in the data into the format preferred and decided by you, keeping in mind the restrictions and limitations prearranged by you. Before the final product is submitted to you the data is checked and verified by our qualified experts.

Advantages of Offline Data Entry by Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:
  • All kinds of offline data entry jobs are offered
  • Reasonable pricing for high quality product
  • Use of advanced technology to ensure the best quality result for you
  • Highly qualified team specifically trained to handle all your projects
  • Data is checked and verified by qualified experts to minimize and do away with possible errors
  • Offline data entry from any format to any format as desired by you
  • Highly secured location for dealing with your valuable data
  • All our interactions are encrypted and secured
  • Presentation of final product is will be under supervision and as per your approval
We adhere to strict privacy rules while handling your raw data, and also the completed project is encrypted. We will submit the entire finished project within the prearranged time limit.

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