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OCR Cleanup - Optical Character Recognition

With the increasing demand of automated data capture methods these OCR and OMR process large volumes of data at high speed. Bu the process by which the data is captured from image files leaves the scope for errors. Therefore this brings the need of OCR cleanup services to rectify the errors and make the data accurate according to the needs of a client.

We at Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have an in-depth expertise in this field with which we design innovative and reliable methods to makes a clients business more competitive in the market level. Our activities include services such as indexing, optical character recognition and data entry and also file formatting in to a variety of formats.

Benefits of OCR cleanup services:

  • It minimizes the occurrence of errors and reduces the chances of missing out on some data in the final product.
  • Converting your data in to electronic format to edit, modify or re-use the data as per one's need.
  • Process is characterized by faster rate of data capture in comparison to other capturing methods.
  • These OCR clean-up service has double key manual entry and proofreading methods which helps one to keep accurate records.
  • These cleanup services are designed to truly reproduce journals, books or hand written materials in to electronic formats.
Besides doing OCR clean-up we have also done projects that deal with CD-ROM cataloging and Publishing, Image scanning and Indexing and many more. Many firms need these services as they have to transform an image or printed text in to Unicode format. As these processes are sensitive and should be supported with ultimate care we try to supply and meet the needs of the client with the first priority of highest levels of accuracy.

Advantages of taking these services from Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are:
  • We have years of experience in this OCR cleanup services.
  • We provide very cost effective services according to the needs of a client.
  • We are well equipped with latest technology and software's.
  • Deliver the services at the appropriate time with meetings the deadlines.
  • Skilled technicians with a positive attitude.
Thus Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the best of breed tools with the flexibility to suit your requirements.

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