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Indexing Services - Book, Documents, Periodicals Indexing Services

Indexing services are gaining more popularity among publishers as it is an easiest method for a reader to quickly access all the information. It is the map to a whole book. Many potential buyers know about this and they prefer to buy books with indexes.

It is a guide to your document, whether it is a book, a journal or even an extensive database. Any document which follows a course and requires a sequential approach to read its content needs to be indexed. Even the books at stores that have a good quality indexes have increased the sales.

Our professional staff is involved in meticulous hard work, intuition and countless interpretations during this service process.

We at Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provide high quality indexes that are concise and thoughtfully structured to accurately reflect the content of your book. It not only includes just the words in the document, but also cross references to those terms which a reader will look for.

One can get various types of Indexing services from Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. they are as follows:

  • Event Indexing
  • Chemical Indexing
  • Legal Indexing
  • Photo Indexing
  • Subject Indexing
  • Relational Indexing
  • Reverse Indexing
With the help of index services one can search content from remote websites hosted on any web server and they can help to layout or design any documents for legal indexing or book indexing.

With our experience of Indexing services from so many years we are capable of providing a complete package to our clients from writing, editing, indexing and finally presenting your required need in a professionally designed layout. We use our desktop publishing tools that include coding the indexed words and phrases so that an automated index is generated from the documents. We also input parallel construction and double post index entries that creates appropriate cross references to help a client to easily find their information quickly. Our additional benefit is about our editing factor that ensures consistency, clarity, accuracy and completeness.

Thus one can easily access to Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for efficient Indexing services.

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