Digital Interactive Books

Give Books Life! Add animation and interactivity into your Books.

Swift offers you the flexibility of providing an enhanced reading experience on various prominent e-readers such as iBooks, Kobo, Kindle and Nook with adept quality assurance. Use our well-defined workflow to produce a series of interactive digital books that offer features such as Pop-up, Gallery View, Animation with Read Aloud, and Guided Views. These features provide unique reading experience, allowing readers to interact with the story and bringing your books to life.

Key Features of Digital Interactive Books:


It is one of most well-known guided view mode inherited from Manga into ePub 3.0 fixed format. Within this view mode, tapping on panel displays zoomed pop-up panel. It allows readers to have zoom view of any specific comic panel without losing context of full page.

Animation with Read Aloud:

This attribute enhances the experience of reading a book by adding animations & read aloud. Our team of creative designers and engineers conceptualize and incorporate the character animation and sound effects which can elevate the excitement and intensity of reading comics.

Smart Panel:

This option enables reader to smartly switch between panel and full page view. Tapping on the panel sweeps from one panel to next panel with an attractive set of animations. This draws reader’s attention to every panel in the comic, because it zooms to fill-up the device screen.


This view enables reader to read books with distinct immersive experience. Tapping on the panel makes the display shift from panel to next panel in gallery, drawing attention to every panel in the book within dedicated view.